Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Love To Be The Best~

With Pleasure To Call Me Yana~Age :: 21-an~ Status :: Single But Unavailable. Lolx! My Star :: Saggitarius~ >> Love Match. Lolx Live.&&.Currently Practical @ Johor Bahru. Hear Good Music. Prefer Rock etc. Music really can make my stress out 0.0 !! SCOOGURLZ Are My BFF!LOVE Em All<33! All of the Above X0X0 :: im tha shi** Waiting for the boy that wil do anything JUST TO BE MY EVERYTHING. My Designing Is By My Own.&&. Using Adobe Photoshop CS2. Friendster >>> HTTP:// Myspace >>> HTTP:// STFU! KISS ==! 0.0 My Wordz~ >> Relationships are like glass.sometimes its better to lease them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together!

LOVE = we think about it dream about it lose sleep worrying about it. when we dont have it we search for it and when we discover it we fear losing it. It is our source of pleasure & pain but we cant predict which it will be from one moment to the next. Its a short word easy to spell difficult to define and ... impossible to live without.

Babe Crack The World!!

yanasay; nothings happening to update, agak kekusotan + this is the hard time 4 me. life must go on~ orh damn~ so cliche! bleah L-) well for facebooker do add me & friendster & also feel free to visit my blog but haven't update yet ;p imma mthfckg lazy! wuargh~ last word; mish my galz ;'( ku windu saat² gumbira kite...